Getty Museum Trip!

Stan and Marshall take their long-awaited trip to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles! Hang out with the two as they walk through the museum, and later discuss art, museum-going etiquette, best options for museum buddies, and much more. Show Links (some contain affiliate links): Cesar Santos - Bouguereau A Young Girl Defending Herself against Love - Han Hoblein - Van Gogh’s Irises - Jean-François Millet’s Man with a Hoe - Caspar David Friedrich’s A Walk at Dusk - Degas’ After the Bath - Lawrence Alma - Rob Walker - Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit - Akira Kurosawa Dreams - The Met: Getty Villa - Huntington Library and Gardens: Norton Simon: Rodin - Louvre - Dorset Museum - Smithsonian - Tate - National Museum of Wildlife Art - Museum of Jurassic Technology - The Russian State Museum - Tretyakov Gallery - Ilya Repin - Valentin Serov - Hermitage - George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art - Norman Rockwell - N.C. Wyeth - Howard Pyle - Andrew Wyeth -  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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