#99 Bleeding vs. Clotting Risk: Grey Matters Segment

How long should you anticoagulant for a PE? When can you safely stop anticoagulation for thrombogenic patients who need an urgent biopsy? Should an IVC filter be placed to prefer further embolization of a DVT? What percentage of patients with cancer associated blood clots will have progression while on anticoagulation?

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Time Stamps:

  • 02:40 Deep Dive #1 Anticoagulation
  • 08:50 Deep Dive #2 DOACs
  • 14:08 Deep Dive #3 IVC Filter
  • 17:49 Deep Dive #4 Biopsy
  • 25:00 Recap

Tags: Core IM, IM Core, Anticoagulation, Bleeding, DOACs, IVC, reflections, clots

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