Trump, Brexit and the Direction of 2021, with Will Davies and Matt Goodwin

2021 is already set to be a monumental year. On January 1 Britain finally Brexited with a deal. On January 20 Joe Biden will become President of the United States. And as we move towards the summer months more and more of us will be vaccinated against COVID-19. What will these seismic events mean for the future of Britain and America? As the pandemic eases, will we see fairer more unified nations? Or will our economic and cultural divides open up and become even more pronounced? To discuss and debate these questions, Will Davies and Matthew Goodwin, two of Britain’s most popular political thinkers – one left-leaning, the other right-of-centre – joined us in January 2021. The event was hosted by journalist and author Jenny Kleeman.  To find out more about the speakers books see below:  Will Davies, This is Not Normal: Matthew Goodwin, National Populism: Jenny Kleeman, Sex Robots and Vegan Meat: Support this show  See for privacy and opt-out information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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