A Pair of Premium Workshops - Hand-Sewn Patchwork & Machine Quilting 2.0 With Broadcloth Studio

Discover how gratifying hand sewing can be as we slow things down and explore two very special quilting workshops. Amanda Carye, the designer and writer behind Broadcloth Studio, shares her passion for this meditative craft as she walks us through each step of the quilt making process. With 25 years of quilting experience, Amanda surprisingly didn’t own a sewing machine until about four years ago. “The lack of a sewing machine was quite an education!” she says. “Working at a slower speed and spending time with each piece drove home the mechanics of patchwork and would be my personal recommendation to anyone just taking up sewing.”  

In these workshops, Amanda walks us through every aspect of quilting. Amanda’s curated kits include everything needed to quilt in your favorite Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton colorway. Years of experience and testing have informed her materials selection so that students can continue to make well into the future. She’s chosen the best tools to elevate our sewing, making the process enjoyable and clean. The seam guide and marking tool ensure precise seam allowances and markings, while the magnetic pin cushion and leather thimble make hand sewing more comfortable and convenient.


Learn more: https://thecraftersbox.com/amanda-carye-hand-sewn-patchwork/

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