Episode 315 - The Dr. Cloud Show Live - We Gravitate Toward The Familiar - 1-14-2022

On this episode of The Dr. Cloud Show:


Question: How do I overcome my fear of online dating?


Susan's needs to set a boundary with her husband. He is "best friends" with a single woman and talks to her all the time. How can she draw the line?


Marie gets anxious when she's around her mom because she's verbally abusive. How can she stop taking on responsibility for her mom's feelings?


Question: How do I overcome the fear of talking about the past with my parents?


Question: You've just talked about the anxiety of growth. I'm trying to set boundaries, but the people in my life aren't used to me saying no. How do I cope with the stress?


Question: If you're in a dating relationship with someone and starting to think about dating someone else, is that a sign to move on?


Bridgette is dealing with a mom that never wanted to let go. She's not sure how to set boundaries with her or where to get started.


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