MindShift is Back with Season Six!

As we begin a third school year in the coronavirus pandemic, the MindShift team examines sustaining teaching practices that can help educators and their students. This season, we’ll bring you stories and strategies that helped school communities prioritize what’s important in a child’s education. We also welcome Nimah Gobir as co-host!  The crises of 2020 created opportunities for change in how teachers grade and how school leaders treat their staff. But not everyone made adjustments, and that led to a spike in Fs on report cards and teacher burnout.    Ki Sung fact-checks some entrenched beliefs about grading practices and reports on more helpful – and more accurate – ways teachers can grade what students learn. Nimah takes us to a school that’s been proactive about student mental health and seeing the benefits of local partnerships. You’ll also hear from teachers who are struggling with toxic positivity and how to overcome it. We’ll also cover data science in math education, cultivating genius in all students and how school communities can have real conversations about race. 

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