Reclaiming Our Power Over the Internet with Nabiha Syed

Woahhhh. You are in for a TREAT this week with Kat's (@kat.defatta) guest, Nabiha Syed (@nabihasyed). Nabiha is the President of The Markup (@themarkup), a nonprofit newsroom committed to giving power back to people by uncovering inequities put in place by Big Tech through quantitative investigative journalism and developing audience assessment tools, analytics exploration products, and other privacy-protecting tools. In this episode Kat and Nabiha talk about social media and how it's changed how we live in both good and not so good ways and how we can reclaim power over the things that aren't serving us on these platforms. Nabiha is an incredible human and this episode will make you both laugh and think hard.  To earn more about The Markup click HERE. Learn more about your ad-choices at

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