454 - 99% COVID-Free

Finally a show with more testosterone and urethral meatus questions than COVID-19 queries. Also bonus music track where Dr Scott channels his inner Dot Wiggin guitar stylings over our friend Mario from PhonicBloom.com and his new instrument the MMXX T-APE machine. Basically, Scott ruins it, but the device is way cool. stuff.doctorsteve.com (for all your online shopping needs!) noom.doctorsteve.com (lose weight, gain you-know-what) Get Every Podcast on a Thumb Drive (all this can be yours!) roadie.doctorsteve.com OMG the coolest stringed instrument accessory EVER MADE) simplyherbals.net (for all your StressLess and FatigueReprieve needs!) feals.com BACKPAIN.DOCTORSTEVE.COM – CHECK IT OUT! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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