370 - Indighost in the Machine

Cody Gilmer and Kim Smith discuss the new Indighost album, ("Satan's Texas Vacation", which interestingly has nothing to do with the dark lord, Texas, or vacations), vomiting blood, hangovers, and more. Check them out on Spotify, iTunes, and @indighostband on Twitter. PLEASE VISIT: stuff.doctorsteve.com (for all your online shopping needs!) simplyherbals.net (Dr Scott’s nasal rinse is here!) noom.doctorsteve.com (lose weight, gain you-know-what) tweakedaudio.com offer code “FLUID” (best CS anywhere) bet.doctorsteve.com (Bet DSI! Try to beat my kid!) premium.doctorsteve.com (all this can be yours!) Buy Every WM Podcast on a Thumb Drive! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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