001 - RiotCast Rules: An Introduction

In this episode, we introduce the idea of "Weird Medicine" and review the history of the show while playing a million old testicle and toe-jam questions from the original XM 202 live show. Along the way we take live phone calls about why low-carb diets cause constipation (answer: hell if I can figure it out), medical uses of urine (there are none, basically...OOPS I GAVE IT AWAY), Saturday night palsy, night sweats and some other crap. Oh, and we discuss why we're still not professional broadcasters after 5 years of doing this and then prove it with one flub after another. HA! Welcome to the new RiotCast show; I'm sure the network is thrilled that they signed a couple of idiots from Tennessee, medical license or no. enjoy!  yr obt svt,  Steve Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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