Episode 267 | The Lived Experience Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder And Complex Regional Pain Syndrome With Deborah R. Brandt, PT, DPT

We're discussing the intersection between PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and CRPS, which is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. My guest is Dr. Deborah Brandt. She is a retired Doctor of Physical Therapy. She teaches about issues regarding chronic pain and the use of somatic therapy practices. Her personal experience with and the study of complex post-traumatic stress disorder as well as complex regional pain syndrome, which she identifies as being complex psychophysical phenomena, has enriched her comprehension of both issues and provided her with unique tools to communicate her insights and knowledge to others.

In this episode, we will discuss treatment options, but more importantly, this episode is an opportunity to hear one's lived experience, which includes her knowledge of PTSD and CRPS gained through her direct firsthand experience rather than learning through textbook-like descriptions, which can be challenging to understand the full complexity of what people go through. Without further ado, let's begin and meet Deborah Brandt and learn about the intersection between PTSD and CRPS.

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