E137 - The PsychopharmaStahlogy Show: Dark Persuasion and Social Media with Dr. Donatella Marazziti

Which unique factors of social media place it in a powerful position to influence people? How is marketing used as mass persuasion?

In this episode, Dr. Andrew Cutler interviews Dr. Donatella Marazziti on dark persuasion and social media.

With this special series, brought to you by the NEI Podcast we will address a different theme in psychopharmacology every 3 months. Each theme is split into 3 parts, with one part released each month. This theme is on practical psychopharmacology.

Episodes to be released under this theme include:

Part 1: The Power of Dark Persuasion with Dr. Joel Dimsdale

Part 2: Dark Psychiatry and Social Media with Dr. Donatella Marazziti

Part 3: Good and Bad Neuroplasticity

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