133: Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee

YOU GUYS, DO YOU HAVE A PC? I PROMISE I WON’T TELL GILLIAN? Gringo tells the story of John McAfee who invented anti-virus software, AND AS BORING AS THAT SOUNDS, I PROMISE THIS IS ANYTHING BUT! He owned that software company for, like, two weeks, got bought out, and relocated to Belize. There, he devolved into a SUPER-PARANOID, UBER-RICK lunatic. He gets mixed up in drug trafficking, sex offender shit, AND MURDERS HIS NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR. Ugh, it’s a lot. OH, and he absconds to Guatemala…and the Guatemalans are PISSSSSSSSSED about it. 

Then he comes back to the US and runs for President. Because, of course.

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