Unidentified and Mostly Harmless

While hiking in Big Cypress National Preserve, two friends stumbled upon an emaciated man's remains in a tent along the trail. The man had no identification, no cell phone, no bank cards and didn't come up in any of the police's databases.

After releasing a composite sketch of the man, a handful of fellow hikers, hostel proprietors and trail angels came forward saying they met this man along his journey from NY to FL. They knew stories about him and even had photos of him, but they only knew him as "Denim" or "Mostly Harmless" - his trail names.

It seemed like no one knew his true identity and that was they way he wanted it.

It's been 2 years since Mostly Harmless's remains were found in July 2017 and he has yet to be identified. The Collier County Sheriff's Office hasn't given up and is pursuing genealogy testing in hopes to locate a relative. But, if Mostly Harmless went to such great lengths to conceal his identity, do we have the right to identify him?

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