Episode 223: Listener Suggestions - Aarushi Talwar

A young girl living outside of New Delhi, India is found murdered in her own bedroom in a high-security apartment building with her parents sleeping mere feet away. Was her murder an inside job or caused by an unknown intruder? Join us for this “whodunit” that has been called the “JonBenet Ramsay case of India”. Resources: “Behind Closed Doors: How a 13-Year-Old’s Murder Ignited Class Warfare” by Nick Schager for The Daily Beast, July 14, 2019. “Arushi murder case: A timeline of events”, The Hindu, October 12, 2017. “2008 Noida double murder case”, retrieved from Wikipedia.com. The Talwars: Behind Closed Doors (2017), Directed by P.A. Carter for HBO Asia and Star World. Links Get links to all our social media at our website www.truecrimepodcast.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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