Shelly Knotek

Ep 70: This mother appeared generous to family and friends and the community. Helping those in need, but in reality, she ran a house or horrors hiding the most shocking of atrocities. This is the Michelle "Shelly" Knotek story Sources for Today's Episode: “If You Tell” by Gregg Olsen The NY Post An episode of snapped The U.S. Sun The Seattle Post-Intelligencer Sponsors: Green Chef - Go to and use code 'women130' to get $130 off, plus free shipping! Acorn TV - Try Acorn TV free for 30 days by going to Acorn.TV and using promo code 'women'. But you HAVE to enter the code in all lowercase letters. Credits: Written and Hosted by Amy Shlosberg and Meghan Sacks Produced and Edited by James Varga Music by Dessert Media Support Our Work: The easiest way you can support us is by leaving a review, telling your friends, sharing on social media or by sending us a note. We love to hear from our audience!  You can also support the show through the following ways:  Follow Us: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Reddit | Twitter Patron - ad-free shows starting at $2 a month, or upgrade for $5 to also get an extra episode every month, have access to exclusive AMAs with the hosts, and more! Check out our Patreon page for more info: Apple Subscriptions - Ad-free shows are now available through Apple’s podcast app for only $1.99 a month. Merchandise - For T-shirts, Hoodies, notebooks, stickers and mugs check out: Help is Available: If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic or other violence, there are many organizations that can offer support or help you in your specific situation. For details please visit one of the websites below. National Domestic Violence Hotline RAINN Women’s Law Victim Connect List of resources Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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