Chunkz a Filly - That Soccer Aid Game, Brotherhood a Struggles Coming Up

After a while away from the sofa Poet a Vuj are graced by the presence of two Internet sensations that have taken the online world by storm over the last few years. From Vloggs and insta videos, to playing at soccer aid with their heroes, hosting shows on SkySports, a true inspirational story for anyone looking to do well in entertainment and Youtube. Chunkz speaks on the struggles when he was coming up to get his family on board, Filly shares how his relentless drive and belief got him to where he is now. Both of the lads speak of their brotherhood and how tight their relationship is and why they’ve gotten to where they are. The boys also talk in depth about the soccer aid game amongst other things. No more needs to be said Though, gems were dropped all over the Gaffe, moving like Adam Sandler in that movie that came out recently.

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