Tom Cruise Calls In - H3 After Dark #27

On this episode of H3 After Dark we have a call in from Tom Cruise from about 30 years ago, talk NFT's and how they're turning the planet into an uninhabitable cinder, watch some weird suit soaker fetish videos, and a whole lot more! Deep Fake Tom Cruise Magic  Golfing  Falling and telling stories  Vin Diesel Brasileiro SEXTOUU povo ,bom fim de semana Brasil!  Kissing his dog  (Copyrighted Music) Soaking a suit - guys standing in a shower spraying water on their suits “In Da Countryside” - guy getting out of his car in the middle of nowhere and pissing his pants Slo-mo spash to the face Their latest video- getting pied Eating RAW liver, spleen, lamb testicle, etc.

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