H3 After Dark #11

On this episode of H3 After Dark we discuss the election results and subsequent meltdown of Trump world, debate if Zach is a creep or a king, and check in with a down on his luck Skippy the Virgin. Epic H3 Animation by a YouTube channel "Tom" Louis vuitton getting ready for riots with Louis vuitton getting ready for riots with Designer Plywood  People simultaneously yelling count the votes in one state, and stop the votes in another Woman on Fox News upset over “sharpiegate” has all of her neighbors menacingly appear out of nowhere "BBQ Beer Freedom" guy having a meltdown and screaming about a rigged election The Amish riding for Trump Trump people praying and sending their energy outside the polling station Trump's spiritual advisor going buckwild Alex Jones just showed up at the Maricopa County election center to do his batshit crazy thing...  CNN had Pornhub open

2356 232

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