#118 Wrongful Conviction: False Confessions - Thomas Cogdell

While eating a hamburger, this kid spontaneously confesses to killing his sister? Laura Nirider and Steve Drizin take us to Camden, Arkansas, where a twelve-year-old boy is left to fend for himself against police officers who suspect him of murder. The interrogation tape is bad enough – but the worst parts happened off camera. This is the story of Thomas Cogdell. To donate, learn more, or get involved, go to https://www.centeronwrongfulconvictions.org/ Wrongful Conviction: False Confessions is a production of Lava for Good™ Podcasts in association with Signal Co No1. Learn more and get involved at https://www.wrongfulconvictionpodcast.com/false-confessions See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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