324 - 5-Minute Mentoring: 5 Differences Between Creating FOR God and Creating WITH God

I talk a lot about prophetic art - the idea of creating art with God as a part of our creative process.

But as wonderful as it sounds, sometimes it may be easier said than done, especially if the concept is new to you.   

We often get caught up in creating FOR God - in creating art that will glorify Him, that we hope will represent His goodness and His greatness to help others know Him.

And while there’s nothing wrong with wanting to honor God with your art, sometimes that desire can backfire.  It can create an extra level of pressure, putting us in a place of paralysis or uncertainty.

On this latest episode of 5-Minute Mentoring, we’re talking about 5 differences between creating FOR God and creating WITH God…and how you can make that shift in your own work and life.

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