BPP 196: Mary Fisk-Taylor - Sifting Through the Noise

Mary Fisk Taylor is a Richmond Va fine art Portrait photographer and co host of the Get your Shoot Together podcast. Today Im excited to talk about sifting through the noise in this busy world of many photographers.

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • How Mary got her start in photography

  • What Mary struggled with most when learning photography

  • As a long time member of the PPA her views on how the industry has changed the most

  • How Mary has been able to keep up and sift through the noise of other photographers

  • as adversity, Mary has to overcome to be the powerhouse she is today

  • What misconception most people would be surprised to learn about being a photographer for 20 years

  • As a print competition judge, one thing that stands out to her immediately as an amateur photo

Premium Members Also Learn:

  • Creating email campaigns for photographers

  • how to use your marketing message

  • Great third party marketing idea for family photographers

  • Why Mary thinks so many photographers fail to break past that $75 starting price point


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