Episode 99 | The 6 income streams in my million-dollar course business

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE knowing about how other online entrepreneurs and business owners make money! 

It’s like being a fly on the wall and getting an insider perspective behind the brand.

At this point in my own business, I have made well over a million dollars since I launched my first course in 2017. In 2021, we hit $700k in annual gross revenue, which was our biggest year yet.

So how did I do it? 

Well, I had 6 streams of income that made up that number. 

Some people will tell you to focus on only one product until you hit a million a year with it. And while that approach can totally work, I like to have my eggs in a few baskets. I love to diversify and that’s exactly what I’ve done with my business.

In today’s episode I’ll be diving into that in more detail and breaking it all down for you.

So stay tuned! 


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