Angie Asche RDN - Nutrition to Fuel Your Body

A healthy diet for an active body needs ALL macronutrients, specifically: protein for tissue repair, healthy fat to support physiological functions and carbohydrates to provide energy for high-intensity activities as well as supporting muscle growth. Food is fuel for your body; if you like to exercise and being physically active then you need the proper nutrition so that your body can perform its best while you're enjoying your favorite activities. With so much mis-information about fad diets and which foods are best for you it's hard to know where to go or who to trust for advice. Angie Asche, RDN is a sports and performance dietitian who started Eleat Sports Nutrition to provide her clients with evidence-based nutrition advice so that they can function at their highest level of performance. Whether you want to lose weight, add lean muscle mass, train for an athletic competition or to simply look better in your bathing suit, what you eat makes a big difference in the results you get from your workouts.  Angie wrote the book, Fuel Your Body: How to Cook and Eat for Optimal Performance to help readers learn how to identify the best nutrition for their needs. On this episode of All About Fitness, Angie discusses why it's so important to get nutrition from credible sources, provides important insights on the proper nutrition for different fitness goals and shares time-saving strategies for how to eat healthy with a busy schedule. Purchase your copy of Fuel Your Body by clicking this link: Visit Angie's website: Order your copy of Ageless Intensity: High Intensity Workouts to Slow the Aging Process: Get relief from sore muscles and promote recovery after hard workouts; order the NIMBL XLR8 massage gun - use code AAF20 to save 20% Dynamic anatomy; $29 Learn how your muscles and fascia function as an integrated system to move your body along with how to design the most effective exercise programs for the core, legs, inner thighs, shoulders AND glutes. 0.2 CECs - ACE, NASM and AFAA Dynamic anatomy e-book; $7 dynamic-anatomy-how-your-body-moves-during-exercise Exercise program design for the fountain of youth; $49 Learn the science of how exercise can burn fat, build muscle AND slow down the aging process, includes workout programs to help you find your fountain of youth. 0.3 ACE, 0.4 NASM and 4 AFAA Exercise for the Fountain of Youth e-book; $7 Total Body Core Training; $67 Learn the science of exercise program design and how to build a stronger body by first creating the foundation of a strong core. The course includes a progressively challenging exercise program that will keep you working out all year long. 0.4 ACE, 0.5 NASM and 5 AFAA CECs Functional Core Training; $7 Glute Reboot; $29 An online course in collaboration with Master Trainer Abbie Appel; learn how the muscles of the gluteal complex work as well as a number of effective exercises to help them function (and look) better 0.2 ACE, NASM and AFAA CECs - $29 Bundle: Functional Core Training, Dynamic Anatomy and Exercise for the Fountain of Youth; $17 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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