#ABtalks with Lea Elui - مع ليا إلوي | Chapter 13

Lea Elui Ginet is our youngest #ABtalks guest yet. She is a French social media influencer and internet celebrity. At just 19 years of age, Lea has one of the largest social media followings in France. Online, she shares her dancing skills, and tips on fashion and make up, but what lies beneath all the ‘beautiful’ pictures? In this interview, Anas unearths a grounded, vulnerable and ‘normal’ teenager. Lea opens up to Anas about her struggles in high school and the extreme bullying she faced that caused her to fall into a deep depression. She describes how hard it was to love herself and how her social media community helped her get back on her feet. In the darkest of times, they helped her create her own bubble where she felt safe and secure. This interview proves everyone has their ups and downs, no matter how ‘perfect’ their lives look online.

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