#5 Straws

The straw. It once represented warm and fuzzy feelings because it was a part of so many memories. Getting a soda at the movies, milkshakes at the 50’s diner, grandpa’s homemade root beer floats or teenage meetups at the local fast-food restaurant. Then the silly straws or that hat that would hold the soda cans with a long straw to drink from it. It’s crazy to think that all of those straws exist somewhere still in the planet.The straw no longer represents happy warm, fuzzy, feelings. Ever since the video of the turtle surfaced kids and adults everywhere are more conscientious of the impact this product is making in environments it doesn’t belong.We are here to help with a little lite and simple hacks around the straw. Sofia and Michelle talk STRAWS with Buzzfeed content curator Auri Jackson. From how we began using the straw to how many get used a day, this uplifting discussed will help any listener with simple tips on how to “stop sucking”. For more information on this episode's topic visit our blog at www.zerowastelifehacks.com Thank you to our sponsors Chico Bags, Etee & Haute Mobile Disco Thank you to HAUTE MOBILE DISCO for curating this Episode's playlist and our theme music. To hear the music featured on this episode, and others, visit the music blog on www.hautemobiledisco.com and click the music tag ZERO WASTE LIFE HACKER. If you would like a Zero Wast consultation or want to make your next event zero waste, reach out to our host Sofia via her company www.zerowasteco.com

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