194: The Hormone-Brain Connection

An often overlooked topic when we are talking about hormone imbalance or adrenal fatigue is how to support hormones by supporting the brain. The brain literally tells our organs and glands how and when to make hormones. So in order to have “healthy hormone balance”, the brain has to be healthy, resilient and balanced.

This episode has lots of nuggets of info, with one major message: Your thoughts and stress levels influence your brain and your physical body. If we want to change the physical body and feel better, then we have to start at the top. Listen in as Erin dives into the upstream factors of hormonal health, why information alone won’t solve your problems, and her top 3 tips for paying attention to thought patterns.

In this episode:

-Erin tells a story of synchronicity & signs [3:22]

-How investing in yourself can help others [12:35]

-Making changes: Are you looking for the problem, or are you looking for the answer? [17:36]

-Where to start when regulating your hormones [23:18]

-The value of information and education to understand your body [27:22]

-Why information won’t be the thing to save you: The IIT factor (information, integration, transformation) [29:05]

-The HPA (hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal) Axis feedback loop [33:16]

-The functional root cause approach to hormone balancing [37:25]

-Dismissive providers & validating your lived experience [38:04]

-Potential causes of unsuccessful ovulation [42:38]

-“Thoughts aren’t free”: the cost of negative thought patterns [43:23]

-How to change your biochemistry by getting out of fear [48:16]

-Why the goal of eradicating all stress is futile - and what the goal should be [52:03]

-Erin’s 3 tips to pay attention to your own patterns [53:44]

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