192: Sustainable Strength Training with Nora Matthew

There are tremendous health benefits to strength training - including lowering inflammation, supporting hormones, mitochondrial function, metabolic health & immune health. But based on the messages and questions we received, a lot of women out there are intimidated by strength training.

Erin wanted to bring on someone who could help, so she’s chatting with Nora Matthew about how to approach strength training in a sustainable way - without burning out. Because the benefits of exercise only exist if you’re not *overdoing* it, which kind of flies in the face of a lot of mainstream fitness advice. And unfortunately, burnout is a trend that both Erin and Nora have seen working with thousands of women.

If you want to be working out more, but you’re nervous about how to start…OR you are already exercising, but feeling burnt out & unsure of what you’re doing wrong… this episode is for you! This conversation will help you get started (or slow down!) with confidence.

Nora owns Her Strength Studio, a female focused strength training gym in upstate NY that primarily utilizes the modalities of kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight for functional strength training. They offer small group personal training with each client following their own curated program based on their goals, exercise history, injuries and time commitment. Her Strength Studio also offers a selection of self-led online programs and remote personal training for those who are out of the area.

In this episode:

-Our opinions on the best types of exercise for women’s health [5:34]

-Nora’s journey to strength training (as a former athlete and mom of 4!) [6:54]

-The biggest problems in the fitness industry & how doing more isn’t always better [10:54]

-Considerations for intense workouts [16:20]

-Exercise sustainability: when you’re in it for the long haul [20:50]

-The benefits of going to a coach for guidance [22:18]

-Feeling sore post-workout: how to gauge good vs. not good [24:37]

-Red flags that you’re pushing too hard [31:27]

-Why you should prioritize form/technique over intensity [32:46]

-How to know when it’s time to take time off – and why you should [33:51]

-When to know it’s time to push for more [36:47]

-Specific benefits of resting between sets [39:40]

-Where to get started if you’re feeling intimidated by lifting weights [44:19]

-Nora’s tips for finding a coach [47:48]

-At home exercise options [49:22]

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