Episode 28: IN CONVERSATION with Helen Woltering, Creativity Coach & Creator of Wild Women Studios

This week on the show we have Helen Woltering, founder of Wild Women Studios, which offers: soulful branding and consulting for brands, online classes and conscious creative career coaching for individuals. From her past career as a Creative Director in the fashion industry, Helen pivoted into Creative Coaching… Who says we can’t do it all? Follow Wild Women Studios on Instagram here.

Helen is passionate about out-of-the-box thinking that will lead her clients to find their professional sweet-spot and helps women unleash their creative energy, by looking at past patterns, blockers, values, talents and resources. Empowering clients to step into their worth and stand tall within the patriarchal structure, that keeps us down.

THERAPY OF DANCE, IN CONVERSATION is created by Elise Mireille and Ella Newell. This episode was edited by Ella herself and mixed by þóroddur ingvarsson. A big thank you to Tabitha Swanson for our logo, as well as a shout out to our track created by Beachboy for THERAPY OF DANCE.

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