5 Ways to Marketing Your Work -- Share the Work

Making Art Work is OPEN! Come join me in this transformative creative course. Making Art Work is a 12-week course where I teach Artists and Creatives how to build a soulful, profitable business. I’ve watched hundreds of Alumni sell their high-end creative work consistently, they create collections that are often purchased in minutes, launch products with their dream companies, grow their collector base (way more important than your IG followers), and run profitable, sustainable, multi-passionate events.


Today, we're going to dive into marketing effectively. 

Marketing Your Work Effectively and Sustainably Email Marketing

Make your studio emails a vibrant and exciting place. This is an intimate space — the perfect place to not only sell your work, but also share behind the scenes, your inspiration, peek inside your studio, stories and insights, and early access to artwork or collections.

Social Media

Show up on social media as a fine artist, designer, maker, and professional. Share your work beautifully and consistently: photograph it well, bring people into the studio, allow them to get to know your story and brand, and don’t be afraid to share/sell your work!

Use the Magic of Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the VERY best places to share your work as a visual creative! Users come to Pinterest as a way of gathering inspiration, ideas, aesthetics, and to find products — sounds perfect, right? Pin your work directly to Pinterest from your website, listing, social media, and/or blog post.

Work with Designers

Reach out to designers in your local community and offer them a trade discount (10-20% off). You can also request or barter for amazing photographs! I didn't mention this in the video, but you can also with designers to rent your artwork for staged homes. Some wonderful passive income! Commercial designers: restaurants, offices, hotels...

Go Offline

Find ways to share your work in real life – OFF the internet. This could be at art shows, galleries, craft fairs, wholesale your work in shops, and be known in your community. The connections you can make in-person are so much greater and more effective for both marketing and for sales. One in-person meeting is worth at least 10 online meetings. Be warm, welcoming, intentional, and get ready to welcome new people into your community!


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