Dan Vaughn - A Protagonist of Lower League Soccer in the USA

Dan Vaughn and the rest of the Protagonist Soccer crew are one of driving forces behind growing support in the lower leagues of the United States. They offer a voice for the under-covered and a platform for supporters of local soccer to gather information that is scarcely available elsewhere. 

Dan started the site in 2018 and focuses Protagonist's attention towards covering 3rd Division and lower soccer leagues here in the US. Which, of course, includes the league where our beloved Maryland Bobcats FC play (NISA). Personally, I love the Knights Who Say NISA (an homage to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, of course!) podcast and see it as the only outside source of information and news coming out of NISA. 

During our conversation, we talk about some of the deep history of soccer in this country (shoutout Inocentes FC and the American Soccer league), NISA and its current affairs, the USMNT and their qualifying hopes, and more! I also find it fascinating that we have found another American soccer fan who was brought into the sport through FIFA. Happens more than you'd think!

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