History of Pirates of the Caribbean

Disneyland has so many great rides, that it's hard to pick a favorite.  But if you twist our arms enough, chances are Pirates comes up at least once.  Therefore, we have decided to start running through the history of some of the classic Disneyland rides with ... The History of Pirates of the Caribbean But first ... We start the show talking about a new segment we are going to start, which is a quick rundown of the dedicated windows on Main Street.  It would have been a fun segment had we gotten to it.  This is a long show, folks! Jason sends a real-time compliment to Terrence, and you get to hear all the excitement LIVE! Lucky you. We read some feedback from Clayton about last shows "Taren's Thinks" segment about how swimming in a carbonated pool just wouldn't work, and then Jason has a brief discussion on another podcast using a variation of our classic Disneyland marquee logo as their own.  It's a bit boring, but worth it for us to at least address, just so there is no confusion about our logo vs. theirs. Then we start of the show talking with Howard from the Bay Lake Society to talk about drinking in Walt Disney World, who was amazing, and gave us some really great places to have a nice drink and soak up the WDW atmosphere. Jason tries to work the audio, but the computers rose against him and failed, but he overcame and we got to hear the brand new intro to our new favorite segment ... "Taren's Thinks".  It's nothing short of amazing. Terrence jumps us into the 1960's with his history of Pirates of the Caribbean, one of our favorite rides in the park, hands down.  It has such a rich history that we could not help but cover it. Then we have the Fact of the Show, and that's it! See you in the parks! This poor man ...   https://youtu.be/qDTgWUKtKfg   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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