Welcome to EarzUp! Imagineering

We are pretty certain that most Disneyland fans dream of being an Imagineer, getting to help create magic that will be enjoyed by millions of people.  The Earzup! crew are no different, as we sit down and jump into ... EarzUp! Imagineering The show starts off with Jason complaining that nobody on Twitter cared much about his scoop that the Muppets 3-D show is being torn down in favor of a Frozen sing-along, which is his favorite thing over in DCA.  Naturally this lead to lots of Frozen bashing. Then we cover Taren and Jason's recent trip to Disneyland, where they got to go to the Salon Nouveau Jazz Club as well as 1901 - both exclusive to Club 33 members.  It was a great time, and one that warrants it's own blog post, which will be posted shortly. All in all, we came up with some pretty good ideas for Imagineering.  Probably none that are actionable, but still - the exercise was fun, and we challenge you to do something similar.  What would you do to Disneyland or DCA if you had the ability? Our Disney News segments brings us more lawsuits against Disney, which appears to be par for the course these days, and our Fact of the Show has to do with the rumor of the Matterhorn Basketball court, which is an actual thing.  Or it used to be, at any rate. The once great Matterhorn Basketball court.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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