Biblical Artist Series: Sandra Bowden Literally Makes the Bible into Art

Sandra Bowden is a mixed-media artist with pieces displayed everywhere from small rural churches to the Vatican. A self-described "visual theologian," Sandra incorporates architecture, Scripture, Hebrew lettering, and Christian artifacts into her biblical art pieces to express the mystery of God's relationship with his creation.

Dru Johnson and Ned Bustard ask Sandra about her story as an artist, from her love of the Bible, to her seminal exhibition at a small Baptist church, to her creation of the Bowden Collections. She discusses the reasons that she includes the biblical texts in her artwork, and how she believes that the visual arts can bring the themes and stories of Scripture to life. For Sandra, God communicates with us through various means. Creation attests to His glory, His Word reveals his character, and His Son displays His love to the world. She hopes her biblical art will be another means of communicating God's truth.

Show notes:

  • 0:00 Following the next question in art
  • 2:58 Sandra's experience studying Hebrew
  • 6:58 Using the biblical text in painting
  • 12:38 The Bowden Collections
  • 14:45 Drawing connections between biblical passages in art
  • 18:34 Sandra's piece in the Vatican
  • 20:25 Reflecting on the reception to Sandra's work
  • 25:47 Incarnation, word, and art

Show notes by Micah Long.

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