How I Lead as Young Women President | An Interview with Lisa Valentine Clark

Lisa Valentine Clark is a writer, actress, and the host of The Lisa Show on BYUradio. She is a founding member of the theater-as-improv comedy troupe, The Thrillionaries; a writer, producer, and actress on the film Once I Was a Beehive; a host for 3 seasons on the TV show Random Acts; and a star in the BYUtv production Show Offs. She is the mother of five and author of Real Moms: Making It Up As We Go. Lisa is currently serving as the Young Women’s President in her ward. Highlights 01:30 Introduction to Lisa and her background 06:00 The difference between the old and new young women’s program. The new program is more young women led. 09:15 Principle one: Belief in the purpose Know your why Talk about your purpose with your presidency Be open with the young women and ask them why they are there 16:40 Principle two: Focus on the individual Take care of each girl one by one Everyone has different needs and needs you to show up in different ways for them. It’s not a one size fits all. 21:00 Principle three: Lead by example The young women probably won’t remember all the lessons you taught or activities but they will remember how you lived your life, your kindness, and the time you took to build a relationship with them. 24:30 Lisa shared a story of her late husband and how he created connections with a group of young boys in their ward that created forever friendships 27:30 Lisa explains the dynamic between her (the young women’s president) and the bishop. 29:00 Girls camp tips 30:00 Using technology to communicate with the young women. 34:30 Lisa talks about the passing of her husband and how ward members can help in these types of situations 39:30 Kurt and Lisa discuss the help that we can get from our families versus our ministering brothers and sisters. How can ministers help best? 45:40 Getting called as Young Women’s President in what seemed like the worst timing. There is never a perfect time so you just have to jump in. Links The Lisa Show Read the TRANSCRIPT of this podcast Get 14-day access to the Core Leader Library

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