HOD SELECT: Long Distance Dating, Discipline, & Boundaries with Juli & Addison Bevere

Today we have a stellar couple on that we admire for so many reasons. Addison and Juli Bevere! We were super grateful to interview 2 of the other Bevere brothers, Alec and Arden, and now we are excited to speak to the veterans of the family, the oldest brother and his wife.Addison is a husband, dad, son, brother, and BOSS man. He was married at 22, had his first kid at 23, and became the COO of Messenger International at 24. He even co-wrote a book at 27- WOW! His passion in less than 10 words is “to not undersell the gospel.” He wants to dedicate his life to helping people realize their place and purpose as sons and daughters of God.Addison is married to Juli. She is 28 going on 40, yet somehow also 28 going on 18 . . .a mix of wisdom and a kid at heart. She actually met Addison when she was a 19 year old and she quickly dove into all things marriage and family. She says that she hustled and pretended her way into what she thought a mom and wife should be. This left her in ways confused, exhausted, and disappointed. Today God is leading her on a journey of discovering His design for her life..she has is determined to experience more and encourage others. Juli and Addison talk about pursuing Christ in a long distance relationship, setting boundaries, and talk about their love story. Are you always saying that there are no ‘good Christian singles’? We have hundreds of eligible singles in our Drop the Hanky Dating Program!  Women: https://www.heartofdating.com/dth-girls  Men: https://www.heartofdating.com/dth-guys Crushing on a cutie? Download this FREE Resource on how to show interest: https://www.heartofdating.com/resource/how-to-show-interest Want to further your dating knowledge? Check out our ultimate dating library! https://www.heartofdating.com/resource/ultimate-dating-library Kait wrote a book! Snag Thank You For Rejecting Me on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3E59cLQ Want to meet some epic Christian Singles? Join our huge HOD Family on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/heartofdatingpodcast Come hang with us on the gram: http://instagram.com/heartofdating http://instagram.com/kaitness . . . . .  A quick thank you to some of our friends! Faithful Counseling: Our #1 resource for affordable, reliable, Christian therapy. You can get 10% off your first month by going to http://getfaithful.com/heartofdating Compassion International: Do you have a burning desire to be a parent but feel stuck in singleness? Do you want to make lasting, powerful impact in your life as a single? We are a proud partner of Compassion International. Our community of singles has sponsored hundreds of kids all around the world, and we’d love to invite you to join us on this compelling mission. http://compassion.com/heartofdating Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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