Comedienne Tammy Pescatelli dishes the dirt on Amy Schumer

Another fun show from Comedy Sports theatre in Philly. Hour 1 kicked off with a re-union with my one time partner Harry Mayes as we reminisced  about our 7 years on the year together. We were joined by Comedian Tammy Pescatelli whose most recent comedy special "Finding the Funny" is now on Netflix and I-Tunes. As a Cleveland native, we compared sucky sports towns and all agreed Cleveland is ahead of Philly when it comes to football and baseball ineptitude - especially the Browns and the never ending search for the next franchise QB. No debate on NBA teams. LeBron is back in Cleveland, so they at least have a contender while the Sixers remain the laughingstock of the league for the 3rd straight year.  Tammy also had some interesting things to say about Amy Schumer who has stolen her material without attribution! We went to the Tony Bruno recorded hotline and heard from legendary caller Jose from Norristown Pa whose dropped his famous salutations to the entire crew and then Harry and I proceeded to break down the worst divisions in the NFL the last few years and which was the worst.Harry also talked about being on the Temple Football broadcast team and what an amazing 10-3 season they put together as they head to the Marmot Bacon Raton Bowl on Dec 22nd.We wound up with a discussion over Marmots and peoples obsession with animal videos on your tube and Robin and I admitted we have been filing our cats with the hopes of going viral and becoming You Tube millionaires on the backs and paws of our pets. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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