Paris and Barcelona with Laura Edmondson: navigating van life, challenging the status quo, and diversifying the outdoor community

Laura Edmondson is a digital creator, educator, organizer, podcast host, and owner of Cosmic Market, an online vintage jewelry shop. She’s also one of those adventurous travelers living the van life dream, roaming around the US working remotely on projects she’s passionate about with her two dogs, Willy and Stan. But before Laura set off for a life of endless freedom in her van, she was following a more traditional path. After graduating, Laura took a 9 to 5 job in education and tried to get excited about the same traditional milestones of adulthood that many people from her hometown were pursuing; the house, the spouse, the kids, the linear career. That all changed following a trip to France and Spain with a friend, which brought Laura to the realization that a life of travel, a life on her own terms, was what really made her soul sing. In today’s episode, Laura and Esme discuss the logistics of life on the road, diversifying the van life and outdoor communities, and the importance of role models when we are seeking inspiration to go against the status quo.   You can find Laura on Instagram @laura.edmondson, learn more about her on her website, and shop her jewelry  Learn more about Full-Time Travel by visiting and follow us on Instagram @full_time_travel. Be sure to rate, review, and follow so that you don’t miss out on travel tips, inspiration, and your potential next adventure!   

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