Hilton Head Island's Andrew Carmines: growing self-confidence in the wilderness, the ADHD advantage, and the importance of manners

Andrew Carmines is a successful business owner and pillar of the community on Hilton Head Island, where he was born and raised. As the President of Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks, founder of the Hilton Head Island Seafood Festival, and a board member of multiple conservation organizations, Andrew has his hands full these days... but he wasn’t always so focused and together. After almost failing out of college, Andrew took a break from studying to train as a flyfishing guide in Cooper Landing, Alaska, a remote and wild area of the country ripe for adventure. Living in a trailer, experiencing close encounters with bears, and learning to navigate the churning Kenai River taught Andrew about his own capabilities, grew his confidence, and ultimately helped him thrive back at college and beyond. On this episode, Andrew and Esme discuss the ways Andrew’s polite Southern upbringing has been an asset on both his travels and in his career, the ways Andrew’s ADHD makes him particularly well-suited to extreme situations, and why you don’t know good seafood until you’ve tried shrimp from the South California ocean.   If you find yourself on Hilton Head Island, make sure to stop by @hudsonseafood and learn more about America’s favorite island by visiting https://www.hiltonheadisland.org/.   Learn more about Full-Time Travel by visiting fulltimetravel.co and follow us on Instagram @full_time_travel. Be sure to rate, review, and follow so that you don’t miss out on travel tips, inspiration, and your potential next adventure!      

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