Annecy and New York with Jodi Ettenberg: embracing spontaneity, becoming a full-time traveler, and cultivating resilience

Celebrated travel and food blogger Jodi Ettenberg shares not one but two life-changing trips on this week’s episode. The first, a solo jaunt to Annecy while she was studying for her master's in France, signaled the start of Jodi’s life as a devoted traveler. Jodi got the travel bug following Annecy, and after briefly taking a job at a law firm in New York, she began traveling full time, making a successful living from her blog Legal Nomads. The second trip, a visit to Brooklyn in 2017, during which she wound up in the ER, would effectively end a decade of international roaming. Jodi underwent a lumbar puncture to rule out a suspected condition, a fairly routine procedure that didn’t go according to plan, leaving her virtually bedbound and in constant chronic pain from a spinal CSF leak. In this episode, Jodi and Esme discuss the power of storytelling, retraining the mind using Vipassana meditation, and making the choice to find gratitude, meaning, and beauty when life unspools in the most unfair way.   You can learn more about Jodi by visiting her website and following @legalnomads on social media.  Learn more about Full-Time Travel by visiting and follow us on Instagram @full_time_travel. Be sure to rate, review, and follow so that you don’t miss out on travel tips, inspiration, and your potential next adventure!    

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