010: Dovetails and Mistakes

In this episode Matt & Joe go over what goes into cutting dovetails - Matt’s method, how Joe wasn’t ready with sharp tools to cut his. We also touch on making mistakes and how to recover from them.

What we’ve been up to…

Matt was at [https://www.petersvalley.org/](https://www.petersvalley.org/) last week and is heading to Maine to for a class at Lie-Nielsen this weekend to teach kumiko - [https://www.lie-nielsen.com/](https://www.lie-nielsen.com/)

Joe took vacation and put in a walkway.

* Cutting Dovetails
* Mistakes and how to recover from them
* Randy Dingle makes an appearance again
* Letterkenny on Hulu
* Joe takes a rip at this week’s 3 things to know… About putting in a walkway
* Stat of the podcast
* A joke about cows

What we drank - [https://www.brassworksbrewing.com/](https://www.brassworksbrewing.com/)

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