59. EVOX Series - Week 7 - Flashbacks & Fuzzy Memories, Reaching Out for Information

The flashbacks and emotions that came up in today's session are a bit too muddled for me to openly share at this time and I explain why in this short episode. If anyone has information related to lost childhood memories or a similar experience please reach out through my Instagram below. Interview Links Podcast: https://www.theaccrescent.com/podcast-ep-51-evox-series-week-1-self-sabotage/ (EVOX Series – Week 1) Article: https://www.theaccrescent.com/zyto-evox/ (What is EVOX?) Schedule: https://www.theaccrescent.com/book/ (Schedule a Remote or In-Person EVOX Session) Connect & Learn More https://www.theaccrescent.com/ (Website) https://www.instagram.com/theaccrescent/ (Instagram) https://www.tiktok.com/@theaccrescent?lang=en (Tiktok). https://www.facebook.com/theaccrescent (Facebook)

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