Why do people think squatting is bad for your knees? And is it? w/Squat University’s Dr. Aaron Horshchig

Is it an old wives tale that squatting is bad for your knees? Or is there actually data behind it?

Here’s what we came up with:

  • Maybe there’s a body type that’s bad for squatting?
  • Is the leg press somehow better?
  • Does it possibly cause tendonitis/tendinopathy?
  • How did this whole thing get started in the first place?
  • Is it bad if your knee get too far over your toes?


Our ideas start about 9:58.

Eavesdrop on our candid conversation with Aaron starting at 17:27 on continuing to learn and challenge yourself while working in your field. Immediately after, we transition to this episode’s main question.

He explains how a theory about “stretching tendons” from a man named Karl Klein, and a subsequent 1962 article in Sports Illustrated, led to squatting being banned all over the place. We discuss arthritis, genetics, and how stimulus + recovery = adaptation should always be considered.

As a physical therapist, Aaron works with Olympic weightlifters, powerlifters, Cross Fitters, international level soccer players, MLB and NFL athletes. He’s currently working with our friend, powerlifter J. P. Price.

We kick the show off with a discussion of what AirBnb gets right, and wrong, and some ways to get a better experience than Mike recently had in Boston.


You can find Aaron at his website Squat University, on Instagram @squat_university, on YouTube

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