#228 The Truth About Politics Today (with Jimmy Dore)

This week I’m joined by Jimmy Dore. Jimmy is a comedian, political commentator, and host of The Jimmy Dore Show! He is a popular progressive political pundit on YouTube, and he has some very important insights on how politics should be challenged and revolutionised. In this episode, we speak candidly about what is necessary in order for political change to occur: Can we do it from within the system, or do we need to revolt and create change from the outside? Why are people still voting for candidates and political parties that don’t represent their views? What is it like being a stand-up comedian with such outspoken views? And how do we create new politics? More Info: Please check out Jimmy Dore’s YouTube Channel Here: https://www.youtube.com/c/thejimmydoreshow My meditation podcast, Above the Noise, is out now, only on Luminary. I release guided meditations every Wednesday. Please check it out: http://luminary.link/meditate Elites are taking over! Our only hope is to form our own. To learn more join my cartel here https://www.russellbrand.com/join and get weekly bulletins too incendiary for anything but your private inbox. (*not a euphemism) Subscribe to my YouTube channel, I post four videos a week including video clips from these episodes!  https://www.youtube.com/russellbrand Subscribe to my YouTube side-channel for more wellness and spirituality: https://www.youtube.com/c/AwakeningWithRussell Instagram: http://instagram.com/russellbrand/ Twitter:  http://twitter.com/rustyrockets

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