Oligarchs & A Nuclear Scare

After the Russian military fired on and seized control of Europe’s largest nuclear plant in Ukraine, retired U.S. army colonel and a Medal of Honor recipient Jack Jacobs discusses Vladimir Putin’s military strategy, as well as the war’s most likely outcome. CNBC’s Robert Frank details the sanctions levied on dozens of Russian oligarchs, and author Ben Mezrich reflects on his experience yachting and clubbing with the Russian oligarchs who put Putin in power. Mezrich has written about Russian and bitcoin billionaires, and considers whether crypto is the currency of choice for the country’s elite. 


In this episode:

Jack Jacobs, @ColJackJacobs

Ben Mezrich, @benmezrich

Robert Frank, @robtfrank

Joe Kernen, @JoeSquawk

Becky Quick, @BeckyQuick

Andrew Ross Sorkin, @andrewrsorkin

Katie Kramer, @Kramer_Katie

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