Jill Reiner & Ella Summer - NFL Big Data Bowl winners

Jill Reiner and Ella Summer won the college division of this year’s NFL Big Data Bowl, which asked participants to “evaluate defensive performance on passing plays.” In these conversations, Jill and Ella will talk about…. - What they’re studying in school - How they got interested in the Big Data Bowl and decided to join the competition - Their approaches and methodologies in evaluating pass defense performance - What surprised them as they dove into the data - What next steps they’d ideally take to examine the topic further - Keys to communicating their work effectively - Other work they’ve done in sports analytics Then TruMedia’s Andy Cox, who was a Big Data Bowl judge, joins the show to discuss the process of evaluating entries, along with what Jill and Ella did well. Show links - Follow Jill on Twitter: @jillhreiner - Follow Jill’s black labs on Instagram: @archieandbodie - Jill’s Big Data Bowl submission on Kaggle - Denison interview with Jill - Follow Ella on Twitter: @EllaSummer17 - Ella’s Big Data Bowl submission on Kaggle - Announcement of Big Data Bowl winners - Watch the Big Data Bowl winners and presentations - Ben Baldwin’s Big Data Bowl summary on The Athletic - Follow TruMedia on Twitter: @TruMediaSports Listen here or wherever you get podcasts: Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher , TuneIn

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