Presents: Dice Tower Theatre

Dice Tower Theatre presents Dawn of Dragons.  A clean, family-friendly, fantasy epic with a setting both unique and familiar to those that enjoy escaping into the classic worlds of Tolkien, CS Lewis, Rothfuss and Martin.  Worlds where magic and dragons battle with relatable heroes.  Heroes that also at times must battle even those challenges that lie within their own hearts.

Raised by former knights in hiding, they have grown up taking on different skills, each one unique and valuable to each other.  Young Cordelia the fire mage, aspiring knight Benedict, bright-eyed mariner Zorin and the deadly swordmaster Sophie are not only bonded by use of magic or mastery of a sword, they are also tied to a great destiny - a destiny foretold in lost tomes they have yet to discover.

But first their world is one now cloaked in a great shadow that is spreading like a sickness which they seek to overcome.

In this scene our heroes are locked in the defense of the celestine tower, an ancient castle watching over the vast plain of the great valley.  They are under siege by dragons and other dark forces of an invading army. While some of our heros are exploring its ancient halls above looking for assistance we begin by joining young benedict, to stand by his side on the battlefield.

Originally created simply to record the events of a collaborative roleplaying game, Dice Tower Theatre has now grown to a production including over 80 voice actors, original scoring and sound design by the game master himself,  resulting in hours of quality entertainment.  Many of the echoes of life’s struggles came out organically at the table between the players as friends and were captured in the story. Those struggles come with lessons, and overall those lessons are to be a better person, both to those around them as well as to themselves. You can listen to Dice Tower Theatre at or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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