Pssst… yes you… how do you fancy being a birdwatcher or perhaps a sleeper ready to wake up in time for the dead drop? Well, listen in and allow Agents Brandreth and Dent to provide you with the linguistic pocket-litter to avoid you blowing your cover. If you haven’t yet cracked the code, this week we’re discussing the intricate language of the murky world of espionage. Find out the difference between the Scalphunters and the Lamplighters, get your “shoes” from the Cobbler and join us as we go undercover and onto spook street… oh, and remember, it’s freezing in London today… When Susie and Gyles come in from the cold, they seize the opportunity to answer lots of your questions on pub names, the connection (or lack thereof) between the compass points and the news, and they flip lunch on its head. A Somethin’ Else production. Susie’s Trio: Nuncheon - a drink to be taken at luncheon A fit of the clevers - a sudden spurt of activity when you notice the time Jack brew - a cuppa you make without making one for anyone else. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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