3-7 Boomer and Gio Podcast

Hour 1:   Today’s show opens with Boomer & Gio talking about the Aaron Rodgers situation and how we will have an answer from him soon. We then move into the MLB lockout and how the owners don’t want April games so they are in no rush to get a deal done. Boomer has been watching the Knicks and thinks there’s something wrong with Julius Randle. Gio can’t believe the Nets are now under .500. Jerry is in for his first update of the day and they discuss Rutgers and the NCAA tournament. He then goes into other local college basketball. He has sound from Coach K apologizing for losing his final game at Cameron Indoor. No update on the MLB lockout. Knicks beat the Clippers and Jerry has sound. Evan has been miserable with the Nets lately. Jerry has sound from the Rangers win and the Devils win. We have sound from Lebron’s The Shop with Lamar Jackson. Final segment of the hour, Gio tells us about his appearance at the Fan Duel Sportsbook at Mohegan Sun this past weekend. Gronk was there too. Gronk’s brother was in full frat boy mode. Mike Francesa’s horse fell during a race this weekend.    Hour 2:   7am starts with Gio talking about Peter Schwartzneeding a football signed by Boomer. He wanted Gio to come to his house to pick it up. Gio refused and had Andew Bogusch do it. Joy calls from Dallas to ask Boomer a question about lefty punters. She also took notes on the combine. The guy that wants the Peter Schwartz ball signed calls in to thank Boomer. We are hearing Craig Carton talking about a softball game for the station and we have no idea about any details. Jerry has an update with sound from the NBA and college basketball. Jerry also has sound from the Rangers win. Last segment of the hour a caller wants to know why we need owners in baseball. The hour ends with more confusion about Craig’s softball game.    Hour 3:   8am hour starts with talk of the Giants and Saquon Barkley. Boomer thinks he will have a good year, wherever he will be playing. Boomer agrees with John Mara in that the Giants have screwed Daniel Jones up with all of the different coaches & coordinators. Reports were the Seahawks turned down multiple first round picks from the Washington Commanders for Russell Wilson. What do we think about new Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel and the way he has dealt with the media so far. Jerry returns with an update including the Knicks winning with a bunch of young guys. The Nets lose to the Celtics and fall below .500. Rutgers got by Penn State. Jerry has audio of Lamar Jackson on Lebron’s TV show, The Shop. And to make Boomer happy, Jerry plays sound from the Rangers win. Final segment of the hour Boomer brings up Kyrie & KD being here for 3 years now and Boomer thinks it has been a failure. Craig Carton calls in to give us details on the charity softball game.    Hour 4: 9am hour opens with us wondering how many stadium workers there are to split up the million dollars MLB and MLBPA is giving them. We think they each get 30 bucks. Jerry returns for his final update and gives us an update on the MLB lockout. Plus sound from the Knicks/Clippers and Nets/Celtics. Rutgers will play Friday in the Big 10 tournament. Final segment of the show has Gio going through a CBS mock draft for the NFL. Movie theaters are surge pricing The Batman movie.

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