DIY Ways to End Drafty Windows | Best Paint Sheens to Hide the Flaws| DIY Counseling for Couples | Ep #2148

SHOW NOTES Are winter winds streaming through your windows? We share a step-by-step checklist to help make sure you are not wasting a single energy dollar! Painting a room is a fun and inexpensive home improvement project that can make a big impact. But while most people spend a lot of time picking the perfect color for their rooms, choosing the perfect paint sheen is just as important! We’ll share tips on how the best sheen to make your project shine. Is doing a DIY project with your spouse a sure-fire way to add stress to your home life? We’ll share the results of a new survey that reveals how relationships survived when doing-it-yourself, means doing it together. If your driveway looks like a sea of cracking and shifting waves, we’ll share some DIY tips to help fix it up for the long winter ahead. Plus, answers to your home improvement questions: Katherine wants to know what she can do patch up unused electrical outlets without the help of an electrician. Andrew in Arkansas wants to add a garage or a car port into his basement and is concerned about disturbing a wall. Allison in Illinois is asking, “How to manage water between her house and her neighbors?”. Dante from Rhode Island wants to know what to do if he is struggling to match a paint color in his room. Linda in Ohio asks, “Is it possible to get a generator in an apartment?”. Lee from Arkansas is wondering when the best time to put her house on the market. Dana in Massachusetts is asking a problem with paint peeling, even after applying primer. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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